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Jekyll, or the hacker way

26 Mar 2011 - Boca Raton

As you might have realized, I changed my blog from posterous to Jekyll which is a static site generator. Very simple really:

  1. Set up Jekyll locally with the jekyll gem (gem install jekyll)
  2. Prepare the layout as shown on the wiki
  3. Write (or migrate ) your posts in textile, markdown, or html under _posts
    And you’ll have a very simple blog, backed-up on github and always accessible!

Now, why am I switching blog platforms? There are no real reasons other than I’ve been meaning to try Jekyll out for a while now! (And I was getting tired of posterous lags..)

Credits go to Mojombo for the HTML/CSS that I’m currently using, I’ll cook up one of my own some time soon.

P.S: My RSS feed is the same.

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